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What is EFT and Why Is It So Popular?

With EFT popping up in so many places, no wonder people are asking "what is eft?". While other pages on the site go into more detail, let me just briefly explain the what and why of EFT.

EFT is a form of energy healing and emotional therapy which works by using a tapping motion on acupuncture points to remove problems from your energy field, as well as disruptive emotions and limiting beliefs.

Rather dry, isn't it? :-D

What is EFT? A way of letting go and relaxing the tensions buried in your body.

EFT comes from acupuncture: Energy flows through your body, and if something impedes that flow, bad things tend to happen, emotionally and medically. As the emotions are intricately tied to your emotional system, working on one has an effect on the other.

When people ask "what is EFT" they don't realize that they're asking a broad question. One could talk about the history, or Gary Craig, EFT founder or many other things. For here and now we're just going to look at the basics of what it is as a technique and the kinds of things you can do with it.

As mentioned earlier, EFT works by tapping acupuncture points. This is good news: no needles required. What's more, there are only a few points needed. Simplified versions of EFT use only about 7 or so points in the entire body!

A first look at an EFT session.

In a typical EFT session, the person is performing EFT on themselves (We'll get into surrogate EFT a.k.a. intentional EFT elsewhere). They will pick something they want to work on and assess the problem's severity. This done, they will lead off with a statement that even though this bad situation is present, they accept themselves just the same.

Having completed the lead-in, they will start tapping the points on the body (most on or near the head). While they do this they will repeat the original statement or a condensed version of it.

Once they complete that round of tapping, they will usually do so once more, and then re-assess. Eventually, after enough rounds of EFT, they will have vastly reduced (oftentimes eliminated) the problem that they were experiencing.

Uses for EFT.

EFT is often called upon for dealing with harmful emotions, traumas, old or limiting patterns of thought and behavior, and so on.

However, EFT is very useful in the release of physical pain. Remember that EFT is based on the belief that energy problems contribute to and result in medical problems. As such, EFT works for all kinds of physical pain and ailments.

Although EFT is originally taught as a simple healing tool, many people want to push the envelope. EFT not only clears away limiting beliefs, but also helps establish more empowering beliefs, and moves beyond a reactive tool, to one that can make an active change for the future.

What is EFT? It's a self-service multiple-use tool for clearing your energy system and improving your enjoyment of life and your health from the inside out.

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