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Surrogate EFT: Using EFT to Help Others

Use surrogate EFT to lighten someone's burden from a distance.

Surrogate EFT is a means by which you can use EFT for the benefit of someone else, even at great distance.

I suppose it was inevitable that I came across this branch of EFT methods. I have always been interested in forms of distance and remote healing, and one thing out of many that I liked about Reiki was the capacity for distance healing in the higher levels. I liked that ability, and wanted to see if anyone had done any tests or experiments in using EFT over a distance. I should have expected the response.

Experiments with EFT over a distance show it does seem effective. Unsurprisingly, it's a simple matter of simply changing the focus of your EFT to the intended person, and then proceeding, remembering that it's about them, and adjusting your statements and reminder phrases as needed.

NOTE: Like all distance energy work, there are ethical complications here. I have not ever seen anyone harmed with EFT, but simultaneously, they may not want your help. Ideally, you would want to get direct conscious permission from the intended person. I would urge you to get permission at some level.

In my own (limited, so far) experience with this technique, I have noticed that there is a connection that forms between the practitioner and the person receiving the benefits of the technique similar to the connection you will find when giving Reiki. If you practice listening to your intuition and being observant, you can often get a "read" of how things are going with the surrogate EFT treatment as you go. This, in turn, will make it more effective.

As mentioned earlier, I have relatively little experience with this form of EFT, so I'll give an update when I have more to report. In the meantime, try it out for yourself and see how it works!

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