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How does EFT work?

Almost every time I teach someone about EFT, I get asked: How does EFT work? It's not surprising how often this question gets asked. EFT (emotional freedom technique) is rather different from most common types of energy healing. Simultaneously, there is action, but it seems rather slight. More than most energy healing systems, it works by systematically measuring and then dealing with the problem.

A typical run-through of the basics of EFT (also known in some circles as "energy psychology") starts with assessing the pain on a scale of 1-10. Anyone who has been to the doctor while in pain understands this process. 0 is no pain, and 10 is the greatest pain imaginable. As such, the scale is subjective. However, once you see how does EFT work, you'll understand that this is excellent for the purpose at hand.

Important note here: "Pain" in this case need not be physical. In fact, much of the philosophy behind EFT is that emotional problems cause our bodies to rebel against us and that in turn brings us physical, medical problems.

Once you have determined the level of pain you then rub or tap a specific meridian point, while stating that even though you have this pain (and you get specific about it) you accept yourself totally. This is a key when one asks how does eft work. The wording varies, but it all comes out pretty much the same. Acceptance and release are the result, EFT is the path to get there.

How does EFT work? Partly by balancing the meridians.

After that, you go ahead to tap about a dozen meridian points on the body, while repeating the key word describing the nature of the pain. For example: If you have a headache, you'll be tapping and saying the word "headache". Don't let the picture at right scare you; EFT only uses a few and they are easily remembered.

With one round of tapping complete you then tap on another specific meridian while doing some minor mental and eye-movement tasks. This, to me, seems a "reset" of some kind. After that (and it only takes seconds, by the way) you go through another round of tapping.

After the second round of tapping, you re-assess your pain level. If the pain isn't gone, you repeat the process exactly, except this time you add the word "remaining" any time before the word "headache".

Eventually, the pain gets down to where it is gone, or is at least satisfactorily manageable for the person. Quite often, I'm so happy to take a level 8 headache down to a 1.5, that I don't even continue, as I'm just so grateful.

Does it last?

Ironically, I was going to save this for the page where I discuss the other question: "Does EFT work?". However, in this case, I think I'll handle it here.

One of the interesting things about EFT is how amazingly effective it is. It's almost frightening. As mentioned above, I've had high-class headaches all but evaporate in less than ten minutes.

The folks at Mygenie actually have a pretty comprehensive coaching setup for EFT. They have a series of videos to teach the EFT method, as well as specific videos tailored to different needs. Not only do they go into the theory of how does EFT work, they have specific instruction for different needs.

But where EFT really shines is that when used regularly, EFT becomes even more effective. If you are keeping yourself in good emotional health, and not letting stress wreck your body's balance, you can imagine that you'll wind up in less physical pain and your immune system will work better as well. So, not only does the effect of EFT last, but in my experience and observation, it gets better, if practiced.

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