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If You Want to Develop With Energy Healing Meditation is the Key.

Most people have no idea how healing meditation can be.

Healing meditation? Absolutely. Healing and meditation go together very well. I wouldn't be a fraction of the healer I am were it not for a regular meditation practice. That doesn't mean I don't have my embarrassing moments - see below.

Interestingly, I only started meditating as a practice a couple of years ago. I always knew I should but each time, I tried I ran into a wall of difficulties. This may sound silly, but it's the simple truth: my face itched. Not only that, but I also got so wrapped up in what I was trying to do that the whole thing became a frustrating hassle.

During my Reiki training, We used guided meditations. Those, I was familiar with and could use. At the time, I was working with the Quantum Light Breath. This was an interesting mix of unguided meditation and breathwork. It's pretty good stuff. The most important thing I learned was that I really could meditate for an hour at a time, since that's how long the Quantum Light Breath takes.

Having learned this, I decided to get serious about my meditation practice. I was researching guided meditation and self-hypnosis, when I came across the Higher Balance Institute. The rest is for another time.

The Healing Power of Meditation.

When you think about what energy healing is and how it works, you'll come to realize how healing meditation really is. A good meditative practice will get you many of the same benefits as other energy healing techniques. The healing power of meditation is an incredible asset that is too often overlooked.

Even beginners with meditating learn to relax the body. As you continue (if you've got a good system ), you actually pull in prana (energy, life force). This is basically what pranayama is all about. So when it comes to healing meditation will get you a significant part of the way, as long as you keep at it.

Once again, depending on the system you use, you may well find that the meditating improves your body before you start getting the spiritual benefits (can't really be spiritual if our body keeps getting in the way, can we?).

Reiki is about channeling life force energy into someone, acting as the conduit. EFT and Qi Gong are about clearing blocks that prevent your energy system from flowing properly. To get this sort of healing meditation practice will get you there, if you have a good system. I can't recommend it enough.

Meditation and Spiritual Healing.

Healing meditation doesn't stop at the body. As you meditate more and more, you come face-to-face with the fact that you are truly a spiritual being. You aren't your body - You are working with your body. This is the spiritual equivalent of hitting the gym and lifting weights. You are literally building up your spiritual nature.

The flip side of this is that when it comes time for healing meditation will have given you much more in the way of mental clarity, sixth sensory perceptiveness, and ability to move energy. Like I said: pumping iron for the soul.

Many people when engaging in any kind of energy work wind up feeling depleted. Why? Because they use up all the available energy in their system. Like a couch potato trying to move heavy boxes, to take the gym metaphor. Now imagine if someone who was taking aerobics and strength training decided to jump in and help. You can imagine the result. Once again, you need to find a good system so you get that "total spiritual workout" and become best healer you can.

The Healing Power of Meditation.

Here, I'm afraid I have to share a rather embarrassing story.

As part of my spiritual practice, I look at the very large and the very small and see how everything is interconnected. When you stop and think that we're so small that our biggest buildings are invisible from orbit, and that our planet is smaller than a speck of dust to the solar system, and so on.

At the same time, to an ant we're impossibly large. A puddle is like a pond or lake to them. To microbes, each body would be like an entire planet, perhaps bigger.

Ok. I hear you, you want to hear my embarrassing story. Fine. Here you go....

What's the point of the story? When you learn to use your senses and understand your relationship to your body, you can do great long as you don't get stupid like me :-D

The point that I am making is that for any kind of healing meditation will act as a supercharger. Your results will be exponentially better if you can keep up a good meditative practice.

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