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Doing Healing Work? Don't Forget the Grounding Techniques!

Grounding techniques help you stay as stable yet flexible as a tree.
When doing energy healing work, many forget to use grounding techniques as part of the process.

What I mean by grounding is that when we get a rush of energy, it's liable to leave us feeling spacey. Our consciousness is shifted. We are experiencing more than the physical side of things. While this is a good thing it carries with it some problems and some responsibilities.

When I say "problems", let me put it this way. Say you give someone something to help them with their allergies. An over-the-counter antihistamine. You'd want to check the label. Many of them suggest avoiding "operating heavy machinery" afterward. In other words, don't drive.

(This is not to say that drowsy antihistamines are the same thing as shifted consciousness; they aren't at all. It's just a crude analogy. Shifted consciousness feels a lot better, is shaken off more easily as I'll show below, and unlike drugs can give you genuine perspective without wondering if it was you or the chemicals.)

The same goes when doing energy work, and healing in particular. The euphoria and lightness feel great, but unless your attention is on the physical world, there is a possible danger. So you need some grounding techniques to get re-established.

That's not to say you need to snap yourself back as soon as you accomplish your goal. On the contrary! Letting yourself drift back to normal consciousness, noting the subtleties both in your mental and emotional state and also in the world around you can be quite useful, both for insight, and for healing purposes.

Sometimes, however, physical life needs you, and it needs you now.

Why I Have A List of Grounding Techniques.

To that end, I've compiled a few tricks and tips for grounding yourself in the physical so you can work. I've known about most of these for some time, but recent experience has counseled me to keep them close at hand.

A few months ago I had a spiritual breakthrough. I'd been practicing prana mindfulness (seeing life-force all around us) and aura viewing. Something went "click" somewhere, and I started seeing far more than I could handle then. I started getting an effect looking at physical objects: Think of the Chia pets you see on TV. Now, imagine that instead of the green "fur", you see an infinite number of tendrils of energy coming off.

Now, imagine seeing that on every physical object. Every person around you is giving off an aura that looks like the heliosphere of the sun. And you're having problems talking because your mind is operating in the meditative state of non-thought where words cannot go.

Sounds great, right? Well, two little problems. First, this hit me out of the blue, so I wasn't exactly mentally ready for it. Secondly, I was in the middle of my shift at work. Yeah.

Although I knew about most of these grounding techniques, my consciousness was shifted so hard, I couldn't call them to mind. In the end I had to pend much effort to "get a grip" on myself, and soldier through.

Therefore, I made a list of things I can do to re-ground myself in the physical when I need to:
  • Firstly, you can listen to some music. I don't recommend anything ambient or trance-inducing. Pop music works best.
  • If you really want to go for it, and you have time, you could watch a little TV. It's far easier to snap out of watching TV than it is snapping out of shifted consciousness.
  • A glass of ice water is a very good start. Good for the body and often the perfect follow-up to energy work.
  • Inducing minor pain has been known to work. pushing your fingernails into your palms until they dent the skin can help, as can snapping a rubber band on your wrist. I'm not a fan, though.
  • Try eating something! A small snack will focus your senses on a very physical reality: We eat to live. Protip: Salt is key.
  • Alternately, and again, if there's time, you could go on a short walk. moving the body around will re-acquaint you with the physical realm, and is one of the more pleasant ways to ground. Walk at normal pace, don't let it become moving meditation!

Pretty much anything that focuses you on the physical senses will be of great benefit to you. Do you have any grounding techniques to share? Please let me know, and I'll see you get credit for them!

(Thanks to Galileo55 for the image!)

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