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Deciding on Energy Healing Training? Let Me Help!

Energy healing training can be done in a class, or one-on-one.
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When it comes to Energy Healing Training, there are a few ways to go. First, a couple of hard but important questions:

  • Do you want to learn energy healing and/or energy work?
  • Why?
  • How will you use it?

Although these questions are a little... challenging... they are worthwhile. There are many schools of energy healing, in all senses of the word. Knowing what you want will only help you. If you're not interested in healing per se, but feel the need to explore your spirituality in a straightforward way, I suggest starting with meditation.

Many like to start with something light and easy. Many also (for one reason or another) can't go through a teacher. In these cases, I'd suggest EFT. It's free to pick up the basics, and there are some great video tutorials available, too. EFT is mainly designed for working on oneself, but there are pioneers who are exploring using EFT for other people.

If you feel like getting your energy healing training and learning a gentle workout at the same time, I might suggest Qi Gong. Probably the easiest way to find instruction is to look around. I've seen and heard of community colleges which offer classes. Otherwise, there are video courses available for purchase.

Much like with EFT, Qi Gong seems to primarily designed to help mostly oneself as opposed to helping others. If you are directly interested in helping others with energy healing, I really must recommend Reiki. It's a great healing method: Even when healers who have mastered Reiki move on to learn other techniques, they will often merge Reiki into their work.

The downside to Reiki for anyone getting starteed is that you have to find a teacher. I know, we live in the era of online tutorials and walkthroughs. Still, Reiki passes from person to person. I was frustrated looking for a teacher, and nervous when I found her. Having become a Reiki master myself, I couldn't see it being done any other way.

Tips for finding a teacher: Cruise through your local esoteric book shop. Or, use social networking sites to find a teacher in your area. Remember that when it comes to getting energy healing training, you want the best. Trust your feelings. If you meet with a teacher and it doesn't feel right, then move on. You'll be doing yourself a disservice if you decide to stay. This is true for any kind of spiritual teaching.

Of course, if you find a teacher and you feel like you've come home then congratulations! We have a winner!

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