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EFT Can Ease and Eliminate Pain, Help Liberate You from Harmful Emotions, Help Build and Maintain Motivation and More.

EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Techniques". EFT is a method of energy healing that is swiftly applied, direct, versatile and readily measurable. For all these reasons, I would recommend the method for anyone interested in healing work.

I was actually exposed to the method before I even knew what it was. While I was in a group studying how to absorb information faster I learned a technique to release and drop the over-critical thoughts and behavior we engage in when trying to learn something new. This made the learning process itself a lot more fun, and naturally that sped up my comprehension.

The method as explained was to simply tap on a point on the edge of my hand, at the same time saying that despite the fact I am slow to understand the material, I accept myself anyway.

Much later, I was exploring different ways of dealing with emotional pain and inner resistance. I'd mapped out a few different things to try and one was, you might have guessed, the same method from before. Only then had I discovered the name.

Having recognized it from earlier, I wanted to investigate more. Yet still, I didn't give it a fair try at first as I questioned that it would work.

Put simply, I thought the method was overly simple; I didn't expect any real results. When I finally did give it a fair go, I boggled at the efficiency and effectiveness of the method.

Meridians are, simply put, energy channels in the body. By stimulating them, the energy in your body will flow better and more evenly.

For those of you familiar with chakras, a chakra is a junction of meridians. Chakras are popular targets for energy healing because they have far-reaching effects. EFT doesn't focus on the main chakras, but works on the meridians instead.

Tapping on energy points in the body is the basic method of operation. Much like acupressure or acupuncture, the practice revolves around the meridians of your body. Interestingly, the way it's done is simple, and unchanging:

  • Choose what this session is about and rate how severe the pain is on a scale of 1-10.
  • Run through the tapping procedure, (there's more than only tapping involved, though).
  • Finally, re-assess how you feel on that same 1-10 scale.
  • Run back through the tapping procedure, working on the remaining pain.
  • Repeat the process until satisfied or until the pain rates 0 on the 1-10 scale, whichever is first.

A quick confession here: When I use EFT I usually don't keep going until I reach 0. I use EFT as something of a backup, on-the-go technique. When I'm out and about, I tend to go for "good enough for now"... Once I'm feeling better enough to pick up and keep going, off I go. But that's no problem with the technique itself. :-)

I wondered why you would use the same procedure for multiple and varied problems.There was an analogy I read while studying the method which flipped the "ah ha" switch:

Imagine that there's a broken part in a machine, causing problems. You have two options: You can spend lots of time and effort testing over and over to find the faulty part, or you can simply give the machine an overhaul in one-third the time, and with less tedious testing.

In this example, the overhaul is the better option, and that is exactly what the basic method does. A wonderful analogy, and I should have expected no less coming from an engineer.

Since EFT therapy works on the energy of your body, it is quite versatile. You can use it to handle unhealthy cravings, making lifestyle changes easier to carry out. At the same time, one of my most common applications when tapping away is to obliterate headaches and joint pain.

EFT was originally developed to promote emotional freedom. Now it is used for all kinds of pain.

On the other hand, perhaps my favorite use for it when I learned it was calming and balancing myself after an emotional ordeal. This keeps an unpleasant episode from becoming cozily at home in your psyche as lasting trauma. This alone makes the technique worth learning. (I have since learned more advanced techniques, and I'll be sharing them soon.)

The ability to break up unwanted thought patterns and proactively keep yourself in good energetic form amidst all the extra advantages, makes EFT an optimum choice, especially starting out.

The Ways I've Made EFT Work for Me.

As I mentioned earlier, the technique works by simply checking the level of physical or emotional pain, and then going through the tapping procedure. This will relieve the emotional tensions around the issue, and will also balance and soothe the energy of the body. This, in turn, allows the release of physical pain and lets the body heal much more effectively.

What's more, that it is practiced for clearing energy blockages and emotional difficulties, means that people are utilizing it for many purposes. People apply it to break through blocks to get peak performance, or to get to a weight that's right for them. Attracting abundance is also increasingly popular, as quite often it is our own self-destructive thoughts and patterns which keep us from what we want.

One of the more recent elements of EFT I've found is "surrogate EFT" or sometimes using the word "intentional" instead. The idea is simple: Since it works by balancing someone's energy, it is logical that you can apply the same principle over a distance. You can have great success without using these techniques, but it many have found it beneficial.

The simplicity of the technique equals only its strength. If you want to check out more on EFT, follow the links below, or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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