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A Chakra Diagram To Get You Started

The chakra chart. This lists the root chakra, the abdominal chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and lastly the crown chakra.

Ok, first, I have a confession to make. No chakra diagram alone will be enough. There's just way too much info, and trying to compress it down will only result in an oversimplification. For example: The whole "colors of the rainbow" aspect people talk about these days is pretty much a Western concept, used to try to sugar-coat or compress the information So, for those of you that read this and say "tsk tsk", be assured I already know :-D

Despite the problems with sugar-coating and compressing the information, there is a good and worthy reason behind it and that is the same as the reason for slang, trade talk, or any thing other than the full and literal description. That is that people are trying to cram more and more information into less space and time.

What's especially problematic in this case is that words are horribly inefficient at expressing spiritual truths. One common goal in spiritual training no matter where or when is to learn to think and work without having to use the heavy, clunky words to do it. And here I am using so very many of them. But, this isn't getting you to the chakra diagram. Enough of my rambling.

Ok, so I couldn't stop myself. One other little factoid about chakras is that you have them literally all over your body. Especially in the hands. Robert Bruce refers to chakras as "energy exchange ports", because in a sense, that is what they do: Act as a nexus or junction in your energy system. Ok, ok, I know, I'm going on and on.

That said, even an oversimplification is usually better than no information at all, so on with the chart....

Key Words
Physical Importance
Emotional Importance
Base of the
Life, Survival, Health
Spine, Kidneys, Lower Body
Confusion and Harshness to
Oneself vs Generosity and
A Few Inches
Below the Navel
Self-confidence, Enthusiasm
Reproductive System,
immunity system
Defensiveness and
Abandonment vs Creativity
and a zest for life
Solar Plexus
Stability, Personal power
Pancreas, Stomach, Liver,
Worry, Anxiousness vs the
Confident will to act
The Heart
Love, Balance, Hope
Circulatory System, Upper
Constant Crisis and Mood
Swings vs Relaxed Empathy
and Nurturing
Inspiration, Truth
Thyroid, Respiratory System
Frustration, Fear of
Accomplishment vs Joyous
and Relaxed
Center of Forehead
Just Above Eyes
Perception, Concentration
Eyes, Pituitary Gland, Ear-
nose-throat, nervous system
Self-absorption and
a Sense of Auperiority vs
Spiritual Insight, Perception,
and Wisdom
Top of the Head
Harmony, Transcendence
Paranoia, Negativity and
Despair vs Harmony,
Calmness and Gentleness

I had originally planned to simply set up the chakra diagram and call it good at that. However, I found this awesome video online and thought I'd share it here.

NOTE: There is a slight possibility of offense in this video, as it has diagrams of the human body. Other than that caveat, enjoy.

It's my hope that those who are looking for starting info on the chakras and the energy systems of the body and spirit find this chakra diagram a good place to start. Knowledge of the basics will make all healing work that much more effective.

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