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Discover Energy Healing! Let My Practice in Healing Bring You Info For Results.

Energy Healing is universal

Welcome to a great resource on energy healing, if I do say so myself. In this site you will find lots of info on different ways of healing with energy. Each one is unique, but they all have much in common. I'll share the strengths and weaknesses of each method and school of thought as we go.

There are, of course many ways of healing out there. Different forms of Reiki, to EFT, Qi Gong, ARCH, Pranic Healing and more. I'll explain the basics and also help you get a feeling of what it's like to give or receive using that method.

As I mention on the right, the practice of healing isn't just following a recipe. To use these techniques well means developing yourself spiritually (but not necessarily "religiously"). I will be going into practices you can use to make you a better healer and also help you get the freedom, clarity, and peace you're probably looking for.

My name is John Allison and I've studied energy and healing work for more than 20 years. I've never stopped exploring new areas and refining my approach. Weeding out the techniques didn't impress, but keeping the gems. As a result, you will find only the methods that worked best in my experience here.

I learning and exploring to this day. I bring that to each page of this site, making this site as complete and useful as I can. No matter if your intent is to walk the healer's path, find good information in your search for a healer, or to simply explore, I'm sure that you'll find something of value here.

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A word from the site founder.

The healer's journey is a path to enlightenment.

On this site you will find techniques and information to use in your quest. Be aware, however, that in order to be the best healer you can, you will need to keep learning and growing. Often, it is yourself that will need the skills you're learning.

Come in. Read, learn and explore. Peace be with you.


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